Tierra Alta Highlands

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Besita Lenteja de Tierra Alta (Lentil)


We had the pick of the litter and chose Lentil because we could tell early on that she is very smart, extremely sweet and calm, and reserved and quiet for an Entlebucher.  She has beautiful conformation, lovely head and face, excellent legs and feet, and showed the willingness to work with humans when she was just a pup.  We wanted a beta type, who would be content to bring back her own ball in a game of fetch rather than herd her mom as she played retriever games. We picked the pup that always preferred being with us to exploring on her own, but who was not timid when presented with something "new."  We are proud to share Lentil's genetics with our puppy families. 


Beanie, ChloŽ, Pascale, and Lentil