Our Entlebuchers

The Patterson family happened upon the Entlebucher breed in much the same way that most folks do. In 2000 we reached the point where our girls — ages 6 & 9 at the time — were both old enough to be able to appreciate interaction with a canine “sibling”, our daily routines gave us ample time to commit to that relationship, and our home had enough space to make it possible. So we started the search for the “perfect” breed, reading books, searching on the internet, and watching Animal Planet. Entlebuchers often make that short list of perfection, but aren’t so easy to find. Luckily for us, we happened to live close to NEMDA Code of Ethics breeders – Eagleheart Entlebuchers – and were able to visit their dogs to judge for ourselves if the breed was as good in person as it looked on paper. We were all quite taken with Shaman & Bliss… and when Gina & Kathy began planning their next litter, we began anxiously waiting for the day when we could take our pup home.
That pup, Frijolita v. Eagleheart, aka Beanie, is an old girl now, but she still has the heart and energy of a pup. It wasn’t our plan to become breeders. As it turned out, Beanie’s litter was Bliss’ last one, and Eagleheart placed her with us to “watch” and see if she would grow into a candidate worthy of breeding. Eagleheart was hoping to regain the genetics they’d fostered so carefully, but adopting a pup from one of their offspring. When Beanie turned two and her breed-worthy conformation & health was verified by testing, we took steps to become code of ethics breeders and the real adventure began. Amazon Pinta de Tierra Alta aka Ammo from Beanie’s first litter went to Eagleheart, and from Beanie’s second litter we kept our precious Lentil.

A quest to know and understand the genetics of the breed in North America and Europe has been a driving force in the imperative to create healthy dogs with good conformation, and great dispositions. In the eight years that we have been breeding, we have had 5 litters and used 4 different males for studs in an effort to expand the tiny gene pool of this rare breed. Males with enough diversity and the right combination of genetics are not usually around the corner, so we’ve traveled from BC to California, and even Wisconsin for our litter sires.
You can read more about those sires, Beanie, Lentil, and our pups by clicking on the links below:

Beanierosesbeaniefront LentilPascaleandLentil Our Litter Sireshoneymoon Rex and Lentil 2012 PuppiesPups 2011